Frequently Asked Questions

What is "balanced training"?
In balanced training, positive reinforcement and appropriate corrections are used in conjunction with one another to shape behavior for long term success. The key principle of balanced training is to maintain a fair and consistent approach to training, ensuring that dogs understand what is expected of them while feeling motivated to learn and cooperate. By providing clear communication, structure, and guidance, balanced training helps build trust, respect, and a strong bond between dogs and their owners.


What is your guarantee?

We guarantee to support you and your dogs training for the lifetime of the dog trained. We offer this guarantee to clients who successfully complete training and follow through on follow up lessons where indicated.


What is “Medical Alert” Service Dog Training?

Our service dog training goes beyond obedience and basic task training. Our expert trainer can guide you in medical alert tasks for conditions such as: Cardiac Alert, POTTS, Seizure Alert, Diabetic Alert and more. If you have a specific task need, please reach out to us and we will answer any questions you may have.


Do you work with aggressive dogs?
Yes, we do work with aggressive dogs and behavior modification. Please reach out to us with your specific issues.


Do you work with wolfdogs/coydogs/hybrids?
Yes, we work with all the above and have experience with various content. We love hybrids and mixes!


What programs do you offer?

You will see a list of our programs under the services tab. We offer board & train, private training and group training.