About Us...

Echo Canyon K9 is a balanced training company that believes in real world training for lifelong results. We focus on providing custom training geared towards the needs of the client and their dog. Our methods promote a strong bond between owner and their dog. Happy dogs + happy owners = happy lifelong homes.

(For more information on balanced training, please visit our FAQ's page)


ECK9 Team

Angela Kupper

Angela is a balanced trainer who has expierence in behavior modifcation, obedance and protection. She has over 15 years expierence with a variety of breeds, mixes and hybrids. On her off time she enjoys working her dogs in protection and rally, hiking, camping and horseback riding.

Alexandria Shapiro

Alex is a LIMA based balanced trainer who specializes in Service Dog Taining and Medical Alert. With over 10 years expierence, Alex brings a wealth of inforamtion to team. In her spare time, she enjoys rally, hiking  and fun events with her own dogs.